Project Description


Are You Feeling Frustrated, Overwhelmed or Stuck With The Pivot To Virtual School? Discover the secrets that will help you plan, prepare, focus and master remote learning! This special LIVE virtual class will give you the tools you need to master the virtual learning environment!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to PLAN using SMART goals to make it simple
  • Prepare your mind, body, and environment to support the learning process
  • Focus your attention with routines and structure to avoid overwhelm
  • Calm your anxiety with air, water, food, and helpful hormones
  • Create safety online with lessons for digital citizenship (K-12)
  • Fun strategies that make learning a success


  • The Mastering Remote Learning Summit is a series of Videos that are found by purchasing the summit at
  • The Free Video about the Summit is called the Pivoting Education Masterclass and can be found at


This live event has already occurred. Recorded sessions are now available!

  • SMART Goals
  • Support the Learning Process
  • Routines and Structures
  • Calm you Anxiety
  • Online Safety Lessons
  • Fun Strategies for Success


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